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Exception – Saying ‘Except..’


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Exception – Saying ‘..except’

The most common word used for exception is illā إلّا. The rules of إلّا are as follows:

If it is preceded by an affirmative sentence, the noun that follows إلّا will be accusative

قام القومُ إلا زيدًا

The people stood up except for Zaid

If إلّا is preceded by a negative sentence then it has no grammatical effect. The word after إلّا takes the case it normally would based on its role in the sentence.

ما قامَ إلا زيدٌ

No one stood up except Zaid

ما رأيتُ إلا زيدًا

I did not see (anyone) except Zaid

There are other words used for exception as well like

 غير، سواء، ما عدا، خلا and خاشا