Adjectives Overview

The ṣifah or the adjective follows the noun it describes, agreeing with it in gender, definiteness, number and case.

البَيتُ الكَبِير the big house

البُيوت الكَبِيرَة the big houses

البِنتُ الصَّغِيرَة the small girl

البَناتُ الصِّغار the small girls

Note: The plural of inanimate objects in the masculine form are treated as feminine singular.

رَأَيتُ مَسجِدًا كَبِيرًا 

I saw a big mosque

سَلَّمتُ على صَدِيقِي الحَمِيمِ

I greeted my close friend

More Adjectives

حَسَن good

ذَكِيّ intelligent

قَرِيب near

بَعِيد far

جَدِيد new

قَدِيم old

سَيِّئ bad

More Examples

الْفُستَانُ الْجَمِيلُ The beautiful robe

الغُرفَةُ الوَاسِعَةُ The spacious room

رَجُلٌ مُسِنٌ An old man

دَفْتَرٌ جَدِيدٌ A new notebook

أَخْلَاقٌ رَائِعَةٌ exemplary character

طَرِيقٌ طَوِيلٌ a long road

قَرَارٌ سيّئٌ a bad decision

طَعَامٌ لَذِيذٌ delicious food

صَومٌ مَقبُولٌ an accepted fasting

ذَهَبْتُ اِلَى النَهْرِ الكَبيرِ I went to the large river

اِشْتَرَيْتُ قِصَّةً جَدِيدَةً I bought a new story

هَذَا وَلَدٌ مُهَذَبٌ This is a polite boy

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