The Nominal Sentence

Nominal Sentence الجُملَة الإِسمِيَّة Al-jumla al-Ismiyyah: These are sentences that begin with an اِسم ism (nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs).

For example,

مُحَمَّدٌ طَبِيبٌ

Muhammad is a doctor.

الوَلَدُ حَزِينٌ 

The boy is sad.

البِنتُ تَبكِي

The girl is crying.

هِيَ أَمرِيكِيَّةٌ 

She is American.

Verb-Subject Agreement

In a nominal sentence, the verb agrees with the subject in both number and gender.

For example,

الطُّلَّابُ ذَهَبُوا 

The students left

الأطِبَاءُ غَادَرُوا

The doctors left

More examples

 هُمَا مُرَتَّبَانِ

They (both) are tidy.

هِيَ مُحَامِيَةٌ

She is a lawyer.

السَفَرُ مُمتِعٌ

Travelling is fun.

القِصَّةُ طَوِيلَةٌ

The story is long.

الدّواءُ ضرُورِيٌّ

Medicine is essential.

الأُمُّ تَرْعَى الأَطفَالَ

The mother takes care of the children.

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