The Object

The object مَفعُولٌ بهِ maf’ūl bihi is the thing to which the action is done. It is always in the state of Nasb. i.e the accusative case.

اِشتَرَيتُ خُبزًا

I bought bread

أَكَلَ العِنَبَ

He ate the grapes

كَسَّرتُ القلَمَ

I broke the pen

The object can also occur in the form of attached pronouns,

ضَرَ بَــهُ أَحمَد

Ahmed hit him

رَأَيتُـهُم فِي السُّوقِ

I saw them in the market

أَعرِفُــهُ جَيِّدًا

I know him well

The attached pronouns in these examples don’t end with the fatḥa even though they are in the accusative case because they have fixed word endings (mabni).

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