5 Best Ways To Learn Arabic For Beginners

Learn Arabic language online This is considered as the best way to learn Arabic effectively especially as Arabic for beginners method it is one of the most popular languages in the world. Actually Arabic was ranked 6th in the most spoken languages. There are many people who speak this language all over the world and specifically in the Middle East and North Africa, because of that reason, there are many people who want to learn how to speak and understand this language. However, most of them do not have any ideas on how they can learn this language effectively. In this article, we will discuss five ways that you can use to learn Arabic.

1-   Mandarin 1Billion+
2-   English 508 million
3-   Hindi 497 million
4-   Spanish 392 million
5-   Russian 277 million
6-   Arabic 246 million

arabic for beginners

1. Learn Arabic language online

This is considered as the best way to learn Arabic effectively especially as Arabic for beginners method. However, There are few good websites online resource that teaches Arabic. Learning through the Internet can be considered as the fastest and most cost effective way to grasp Arabic or any language for that matter. All modules and lessons can be downloaded from the Internet for a flat one-time fee.

Here are some advantages of learning Arabic online

- Cost effective
- No need to commute to class
- Flexibility to study at anytime
- Courses can completed at your own pace
- Confortable surrounding at home

  • Cost: $
  • Flexibility: Very Flexible
  • Efficiency: Very Efficient

2. Join Arabic language class

This is another option that you can use in order to learn Arabic language effectively. There are some offline classes that are available on your local area. Joining this language class allows you to communicate with the other members by using Arabic language. This option is perfect for people who want to have real experiences by interactive with the professor and classmates. This option is only recommended if you have enough time to go to class as well as pay hourly tuition.

  • Cost: $$
  • Flexibility: Not flexible
  • Efficiency: Efficient

3. Study Tour to any Arabic speaking countries

If you want to learn how to speak Arabic language effectively, you should register for the study tour to any Arabic speaking countries. By visiting all of those countries, you are able to learn how to speak Arabic language very efficiently. You can also enjoy the beauty of those countries. This is a great option for people who love travelling. You can learn how to speak Arabic language effectively by doing this activity.

There are 19 Arab countries in the world, here is a shortlist of countries that provides the best Arabic language learning experience:

1-   Morocco
2-   Egypt
3-   Tunisia
4-   Lebanon
5-   United Arab Emirates
6-   Qatar
7-   Saudi Arabia

  • Fee: $$$
  • Flexibility: Very inflexible
  • Efficiency: inefficient

4. Make friends with Arabic people

If you have some Arabic friends, you have to make friends with them. Make sure that you also talk with them in Arabic language. They are going to be very happy to discuss everything in Arabic language. This option allows you to learn this language in the regular basis. Your friends will be very happy to teach you how to speak, write, and listen any Arabic languages effectively.

  • Cost: Free
  • Flexibility: Somehow Flexible
  • Efficiency: somehow efficient

5. Watch Arabic television or videos

This is the last option that you can use in order to learn Arabic language easily. There are many television programs or videos that are created with Arabic language. By watching all of those videos or television shows, you are able to enrich your Arabic language skills effectively. Make sure that you bring your Arabic dictionary to learn some new words from the television or videos.

Those are 5 best ways to learn Arabic language effectively. It is recommended that you should learn this language regularly in order to keep improving your language skills.

  • Fee: Free
  • Flexibility: Somehow Flexible
  • Efficiency: Somehow Efficient

6. Self study using books

This method is recommend to learn a new language, because it is not interactive and can be very tedious. However, using books can supplement some of the other methods mentioned above such as taking class or an online course. Personally, I believe that learning Arabic from a book is a great idea, because books can be used as a reference if you want to memorize new words, sentences or simply wish to practice writing the Arabic alphabet.

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Language can be a major barrier to speaking with those people who speaks a different language. One of the languages that are widely used in different parts of the world is Arabic. People require learning Arabic in a convenient, fast and effective way. One of the most ideal ways of learning Arabic is through Rocket Arabic language which is a program usually subdivided into twenty four seven lifetime online access and a premium twenty CD pack which also incorporate an online twenty four seven access. The program has several benefits as outlined below.

One of the main benefits to learn Arabic online with Rocket Arabic is that one gets to learn conveniently. This is facilitated by the fact that one just needs to acquire the program and then they can proceed to learn fluent Arabic at places such as; home, while traveling, at the gym and anywhere that they can carry their electronic gadgets.

This is facilitated by a scientific process known as ‘chunking’, which breaks common Arabic conversations into small segments, which learners can comprehend and remember easily at any private place of their choice. The learner does not have to worry that there are people who will hear them speak in broken Arabic since one gets to practice privately without any one else listening
Another benefit of learning Arabic through Rocket Arabic is that the program provides the learners with step to step explanations that ensures that the learners even gets to sound like a native Arabic speaker. In fact, the backbone of the Rocket Arabic premium is the twenty nine repeatable audio lessons with each lesson going for an approximately twenty minutes. Hence the learner can speak out loud as a way of practicing and get responses promptly from the fun native hosts. The explanations also incorporate tips and tricks which are meant to make the process more effective.

The Rocket Arabic program is endowed with an around the clock support. This means that the person learning the language can inquire about any difficulties they face while training from the twenty four seven online support where one can interact with teachers such as Amira Zaki who is a renowned and highly qualified Arabic teacher, native speakers and fellow learners

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 11.07.56 PMAnother benefit of Rocket Arabic is that one gets to learn even better by participating in fun activities such as playing diverse games. The games include word-master which helps learners understand how sounds made in Arabic can translate to words and letters. Another game is the phrase-master, which is more advanced and helps learners to combine different Arabic words to form phrases.

Another important benefit of Rocket Arabic is that it is economical compared to conventional ways of learning Arabic. Most traditional institutions charges an hourly rate of about $50 and students get to learn for just a few hours in a week which makes it slow and costly. But Rocket Arabic premium, which comprises twenty CD, pack is sold at $299.95 and an addition$19.95 handling and shipping fee.

The current offer provides a weeklong free shipping for people who buys this particular program. The instant twenty four seven life time online access to Rocket Arabic Premium is usually sold at $149.95 but currently there is a special offer for new members who can buy it for just $99.95. Hence, people who wish to learn Arabic can use this program where they not only get to learn faster and conveniently, but they also save some money.

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